Helping a little

Photo: A little friend in Turkmenistan

With the shortage of masks and such? Why haven’t the local governments asked women who can sew to make masks for their local hospitals or for their families?

Maybe some woman’s organization can step in and do this if they haven’t already.

I’m no genius, in fact I had to look up genius in the dictionary to see how to spell it, but what the heck?

Is there a special material needed? Then tell us what it is and make some available. Let’s use our brains here.

I have been harping on the Chinese on this blog for sometime as some of you might be aware. Here is another example how we are at their mercy.

We need to stop being dependent on them or anybody, and take steps to help our selves.

Please write all of the Half-Wits that we have elected and tell them how you feel and let them know that they should be looking for new employment as the rest of many Americans are if they don’t get this squared away.

How could the state governments screw this up so bad? Hum. They are inept and don’t care. That’s how. There is no punishment in government for not doing your job, unlike in the real world.