Day 3 – Lanai – 2006

We decided after a nice evening of rest and dinning to go out to Shipwreck Beach the next day.

It is a pleasant drive along a straight road lined with Star Pines as far as the eye can see in front of us.

The soil is a dark red, rich in iron, ejected from the ancient volcanoes that created this lovely island millions of years ago.

As we drove to the far side of the island, every shade and shape of green plant and bush were quickly passed and left in the dusty, red distance.

Once close to the other side of the island, the ship came into view above the red dunes in it’s distorted and rusty majesty.

Some captain may have made an error on the bridge and sent this giant ship to its doom on the sand.

His mistake added to the interesting views on the coast. We are alone. It might just as well have been the planet Mars and the ship might as well have been a space vehicle that had landed here years before and then forgotten by their rescued crew.

The crowds are somewhere else, thankfully. This is our beach for the moment and we will enjoy it. We are not rushed or thinking of tomorrow.

We are in the “now” and enjoying what is around us.

When did that happen last?

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Looks like a painting.