Day 4 – Lanai -2006

Time is standing still now.

There are no phones to answer or work to do. I hope this is what our retirement will look like.

Lying in a large soft bed with my wife as late as we want and with plenty of books to keep us interested and entertained.

There is only the beautiful island around us and no traffic to hear or deal with. It is a dream that I hope will never end.

It’s already a perfect day. The sun is up and the trade winds are blowing again. The temperature is exactly how I like it. We walked through the beautiful grounds and found our Jeep, waiting for us and another adventure.

We were staying at The Four Seasons here on the beach. There is another one up in the mountains where you can play golf or rent horses.

After a great breakfast we decided to take another drive and see what we might discover. We climbed up the hill out of the parking lot and drove for a few minutes.

As we turned a corner, we saw it.

It was a little league game being played right in front of us. We pulled into the small grass parking lot and found a place to sit in the bleachers.

We had to stop to watch the children play out their dreams as we were. We had no favorites. We rooted for both teams. We listened to the parents encourage their children and wondered who would win.

We stayed for a while and then left. We had seen enough to be satisfied that who ever won, both teams would be satisfied with the results and would be looking forward to pizza and soft drinks.

Life can be simple if you just let it. The simple times are often, the most rewarding. I don’t even care about baseball that much, but seeing those kids play and sitting in the sun on a lovely day with my wife was a perfect way to spend a few hours.

No immediate cares other than what we might have for lunch and if we were going to take a nap or read a little more.

This is a perfect place for one of our vacations.

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