Day 5 – Lanai -2006

We love to snorkel.

We have done it all over the world.

The water doesn’t have to be too deep or too warm. Just clear enough to see the wild life and any danger approaching.

I love the silence and the way this time floating and swimming makes you forget your troubles. Thankfully, we have none.

We are just watching and waiting for something interesting to happen or show up. We are seldom disappointed.

We usually bring our own equipment, but not always.

We often can get away for two weeks with just a backpack, my wife’s large purse, and one small bag. We usually have no checked baggage. It makes for a much more relaxing trip.

I wear light weight travel gear. The shirts and pants are thin and light weight. The pants are similar to a wind breakers material and the shirts a silky and easy to pack.

My wife takes care of all of that. I have no skills when it comes to packing. We agreed long ago to let each of us do what we do best.

I am always on time and keep busy with work and making a living. My wife works part time and takes care of us and the domestic chores.

I am willing to help around the house and cook many of my own meals. I grew up in a restaurant, so that is not a problem. I actually enjoy cooking.

She gets up very early and works a crazy schedule, so we seldom eat together.

Our time together is wonderful and my son comes often to stay with us. He has two mothers who love him and take care of him.