May 13 – 29020 – Stress under lockdown? Let’s have some fun.

My nephew and his wife are singers.

They performed in different clubs around Orange and L.A. County and at retirement homes until the virus came.

They are now doing a show on Fridays at 4:00 on Facebook.

Go to Anthony Bernasconi on Facebook. It is public. He and his wife are very talented and fun to watch together.

It’s free and something to do that’s a little different.

Mix up some drinks, set down on the couch and relax.

By the way, I was just interviewed by a travel blogger out of England.

For a fun audio interview, listen to an interview I did with Thr title is “Growing Up with Murderers, to Nepal & Travelling in North Korea

You might find it interesting. It’s about an hour long.

I am now on Facebook at R.C. Hand

I would love some positive comments on anything other than politics and religion.

I would like the site to be helpful to readers and writers, so any advice on a good book or on writing is welcome.