May 2, 2020 – Indonesia

I want to thank all of my friends from Indonesia for looking at my website.

We haven’t made it there yet, but we will in due time.

Please be safe and careful with this virus floating all around us. Do all you can to be protected and to protect others.

We are all suffering through this together.

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I am now on Facebook at R.C. Hand.

Come to my travel blog and show the pictures of my travels to your children as you read them my stories of meeting new and different people from all over the world.

We are all basically the same and have the same needs and desires. The sooner we realize that the sooner this world will be a safer and better place to live.

Freedom of thought and free enterprise are the answers to most of our problems.

Do not let foreign powers or powers at home trick you into thinking they care more about you than you do. They do not. They only want your resources and your labor to remain as cheap as possible.

You must protect yourself.

R. C. Hand