Interview With BrianTellsStories

This is from a while back on a cruise. I don’t usually dress like this for dinner, by the way.

I did an interview with a travel blogger from London a few weeks ago.

He had seen my travel blog and website and found it interesting. The interview is about an our long or a little less.

He has a great personality and has some questions that he asks everyone that he interviews. He then interviewed me about my early life and travels.

My early life was very different and interesting. I tell some stories about that on my blog. Take a look at “A shot in the dark.” My travels have been extensive and interesting as well. I have been to all of the continents, including Antartica and to the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea.

My wife plans these trips and goes with me. She doesn’t shuffle me off to far away places to get rid of me, though sometimes I know she would like to.

I was an active, or shall I say a hyperactive child and have grown into a hyperactive adult. I am a hand full at times and she does do a great job of taking care of me.

If you have some interest in travel stories and interesting childhoods, you might take a few moments to listen to this interview.

Go to: From Growing Up with Murderers, to Nepal & Travelling in North Korea

Thanks, R. C. Hand