Ketchikan Alaska-1996

Ketchikan is at the south end of the Inside Passage. It is Alaskas first city.

The area is home to the Tlingit, Haida and Tshimsian people. They each share some of their culture but speak differnt languages and dialects.

These three groups are considered coastal Indians while the Aleuts are Northern Eskimos, the Inupiat are Southern Eskimos and the Yuit are an interior group.

There are 227 federally recognized Indian tribes in Alaska.

It is famous for it’s totem poles on display throughout the town.

This area is full of local culture and the animals that live nearby on the wilderness.

The streams are full of spawning salmon and the black bears that eat them are nearby. There are wolves and bald eagles here as well.

Misty Fiords National Monument is a glacier carved wilderness.

Misty Fijord