Juneau, Alaska -1996

There is risk to everything. Marriage, most certainly is a risk. I have tried it twice, and the second has worked out quite well. Life, without risks, would be pointless.

Let me say here that we have been on MANY flights in many countries and in many different aircraft. We sometimes hear of crashes in countries where we have been and even on some craft that we have actually flown in. Such is life. We might have been lucky or it just wasn’t our time. No matter. You can’t fear life for what might happen to you. You must embrace it with common sense and some gusto.

The hard beating of one’s heart reminds him or her of their mortality and that in an instant one can be gone. Now especially, it might be important to remember that.

Juneau is the capital of Alaska. It sits on the Gastineau Channel on the pan handle of Alaska. It is the second largest city in America by area. Sitka is the first largest by area, followed by two more Alaskan cities. I didn’t know that.

Juneau is famous for being the only capital city without a road in or out. You must fly or cruise in.

I didn’t fly into Juneau in that little helicopter, I sailed in on a giant ship.

We took that helicopter up yo Mendenhall Glacier and “tundra trekked” up there for awhile. You could see deep into the blue ice of the deep crevasses as you walked. “Don’t get too close dear.” “Alright, I’ll be careful. Just hold my hand.” It was warm, sunny and beautiful. So was my wife.

The town is full of old buildings and shops and bars to keep you busy all day. Do remember that the ship is leaving with our without you, so please, don’t drink too much.

It isn’t easy to walk in this snow in the best of times. Drinking will just bring the chance of disaster. There’s not much worse than breaking your arm or leg half way through a lovely trip.

The city is watched over by Mount Juneau and Mount Roberts. There are various activities and climatic regions here.

You can walk through the historic district and visit the Alaska State Museum.

You can pan for gold in the Last Chance Basin or go whale watching in Auke Bay.

Do come up here to this mostly untouched wilderness. You can do it as rough or as comfortable as you wish.

Bring a good friend with you. It gets cold here at night.

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