Tracy Arm Fjord – 1996

Photo: Tracy Arm Ford

The peaks in the distance are over 7,000 feet tall. The glacier has pressed and carved out its lonely resting place of millennia.

As you cruise up the passage, watch out for large waterfalls and green forests passing slowly away as you move on into the unknown. What mysteries await the brave traveler who takes this adventure?

Well, you can arrange to go fishing ahead of time like two men on our cruise did. They got off the ship and caught their limit of salmon and brought them back to the ship’s kitchen to be cooked, “just right.”

We asked them about the expense of cruising to go fishing and they told us that it was cheaper to do that than to come up on a fishing holiday. Smart guys, I think.

They had a lovely comfortable vacation with a little sport tossed in for good measure. Not a bad idea.

Think about that when you come up this way.

Notice the icebergs floating off in the distance. They come in all sizes and shapes and are the most beautiful colors of blue. The older the ice in the iceberg, the darker blue it is.