May 20, 2020 – My two finished novels

Hello, this is R. C Hand.

“The Adventures of the Smith Family” is an 18th century English adventure tale.

It is the first of two novels about the Smith Family and the perils they faced and conquered to establish themselves as a successful family.

“Sailing Away” is the second novel of the saga.

The Smiths came from nothing, and one lucky incident led to their freedom and a chance at success.

Their’s was not an easy path and this story tells the tale of their adventures and hardships.

They had to face evil men, harsh living conditions and the loss of loved ones.

Their story is not all sadness, however. It was far from that in fact.

There is a wonderful love story here. There are small and great successes along the way. There are stories about new friends found and how they helped with the success of the family.

Come to Oak Junction and Themstead and watch this family struggle and succeed. You will enjoy watching their triumph over what life has to offer all of us.

It is a universal story of all of our lives.

Waiting for the meeting outside of the Coliseum.

If you like a more modern story, read “Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets.” It’s a spy thriller taking place in Virginia and Rome. The story has many fascinating twists and turns.

It involves the North Koreans, the Russians and the Iranians. What kind of mischief are they up to now? Heaven only knows.

Who is the lady in red?

Both of these novels have been professionally edited by Robert Cooper.

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