The Adventures of the Smith Family by R. C. Hand

This novel was six years in the making.

This historical fiction novel about 18th century England and a serf named Lawrence Smith. It is recently edited by Robert Cooper in San Anselmo, Ca.

He is an excellent archer and his skills and luck place him in a situation where he is able to do a good dead.

He was well rewarded for his bravery and was given a chance to make something of himself through hard work, honesty and luck.

This is his story of adventure, romance and heartache. His life is like all of our lives, some good times, some hurt, and some danger.

He is challenged as we all are, to survive and succeed. He will find things that he desires and he will loose some of those things as well.

It is a universal story filled with villains and heroes, action and romance.

Come along on this adventure with Lawrence Smith and learn something about yourself, in the process.

This novel was written by R. C. Hand and is available on Amazon now in all formats.

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