May 11, 2020- Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets

This novel is back up on Amazon after being edited by Robert Cooper in San Anselmo, California.

If you like to travel and you like adventure and intrigue, then this novel is made for you.

Ernie Wilson was a history professor at Georgetown. His wife, daughter and son in-law have all died. He only has Bobby, his grandson, for family. Ernie is Bobby’s only family member left.

Bobby passes by Ernie’s home most days on his way home from Georgetown where he is following in his grandfather’s footsteps. They visit often.

Bobby has always wondered who all of these people in these photographs hanging on Ernie’s wall are. These photographs are from all over the world? How could Ernie afford to travel to all of these places?

Bobby can remember his grandfather disappearing for weeks at a time when he was a young boy.

What is that smell and where did all these cigarette buts come from? Ernie doesn’t smoke.

Bobby has more questions than answers. He needs to get into his grandfather’s library, but he knows it means trouble if Ernie finds out. How will he do it? It has always been “off limits.”

Come on this ride through Georgetown and Italy and discover the secrets and dangers in the world at this moment through Ernie’s eyes.

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