My novel “Sailing Away” is up on Amazon

“Sailing Away” is the follow up novel to “The Adventures of the Smith Family.”

This novel is an adventure story filled many interesting characters, lots of adventures, a little romance and some history.

If you liked “The Adventures of the Smith Family,” then this is for you.

This sailing adventure starts in London with Sam finally realizing his dream of sailing away to points unknown. They enter the Mediterranean and experience plenty and Sam learns a great deal bout himself and his companions.

They stop in many lands and experience many things before sailing out of the sea and heading for the west coast of Africa and eventually Cape Town Colony.

Do you know where the words “service station” come from?

The years of working on the Thames at the import company Clark and Cook and watching hundreds of ships sail away has almost made Sam go out of his mind.

Smelling the crates of spices and seeing the other items coming to London from all over the world has been almost too much to bear.

And yet Sam could not leave until his duty to his female boss, India, had been fulfilled. He had made a promise.

Finally it has happened. After longer than he had hoped, but finally, he is free to travel on an adventure of a lifetime.

Will all that Ralph taught him save him from embarrassment and even a cruel death at sea?

Will he find the woman of his dreams in a far off land as he hopes?

Will he survive the rigors of the sailing life and the hardships at sea?

This is the second book of the saga of the Smith family with some of the same characters but filled with new challenges, new locations and many new characters.

It has not been edited yet as that is quite expensive. Perhaps you can send me the edits as you read it and we can finish this novel together. Just a thought.

As always, the cover is created with one of my wife’s great photos.

Just don’t get cranky about the errors.

We are facing much bigger challenges at the moment.

For an interesting escape, give “Sailing Away,” a chance.

It is free in the Kindle Lending Library and in the form of an “E” book on your devices.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy this novel. These characters are all waiting to share their lives with you!

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