Aug.11, 2020 – Italy and Italian podcasts

Hello and welcome to my site.

I am looking for some Italian podcasters who talk about novels from all over the world in English. I would love to do an interview with you.

My novel, “Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets” starts in George Town, a den of spies, and then moves quickly to Italy.

The story is a fast paced romantic, spy thriller .

Who is “Ruby”? How many men has she killed? How does she know Bobby’s grandfather Ernie? Why does Ernie have a silencer in his safe at home?

What are the Russians. Iranians and the North Koreans, up to?

These are just a few of “Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets.

If you love Italy, you will love this novel as it races through ancient cities and the Italian country side and then slows down for some fine food and wine.

Thanks for coming to my site and stay safe.