Nov.14, 2020 – Angkor Wat

Two years ago today we were on our journey through the former Indochina.

We were awakened early from our warm bed for our ride out to Angkor Wat in the deep darkness of the dark Cambodian morning. Stars were still still twinkling in the sky.

Thousands of people had the same idea, but the site is vast and the grass covered causeway leading up to the wonderful site is ample for the crowds.

It was pitch black as we walked and strained our eyes to get a glimpse of the wonderful buildings all around us.

The crickets fell silent as we approached, fearful of our foot falls.

We could see nothing.

And then it happened. The sun light streamed up from behind the main building and illuminated it slowly and carefully. The sky turned from black to purple to blue over time.

The outline appeared. We soon made out the silhouette of a marvelous structure ahead of us.

Wide and with several peaks and valleys along its roof line.

This was Angkor Wat.

Ancient battles memorialized in stone and filled with elephants and solders in their fine uniforms armed to the teeth and carrying the leaders on their palanquins. History carved in stone to be seen forever, perhaps.

The beautiful structures made in a time when tools were of the crudest form. Yet these men were able to build this wonderful place.

What a miracle of architecture. What a site to see.

We have lost a few trips due to the travel restrictions we all now face, but we have our memories to look back on, and the photos of course.

Please come here when you have a chance. You will not be disappointed. Or you can simply look through my travel blog until normal times resume.

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