Nov. 4, 2020 Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Today is the 2 year anniversary of our visit to Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Sadly we are locked down for a while as you probably are, but we do have those memories to look back on.

We spent a wonderful night anchored in the bay surrounded by the many tiny islands poking up out if the water, covered in lush greenery.

We saw those on and around the bay live their daily lives.

We saw the fresh water man come and deliver his precious cargo. We watched children studying on the stern of their floating homes.

We swam in the clear waters of Halong Bay and realized one of our dreams.

We fished for squid at night with lanterns off the back of our floating home.

This trip to the former French Indochina was enlightening, beautiful and relaxing.

We learned so much more than we ever thought we would.

The people are wonderful and the hotels and food were excellent. Please put these countries on your “bucket” list.

We saw many things that we had only read about and highly recommend this trip.

We may be locked down, but we have many memories to look back upon.

I have a new video interview on my Facebook page at R.C. Hand about my creative method which lead to my first novel, “The Adventures of the Smith Family.”

There is also a fun and informative audio interview with from England. The Link is on my Facebook page.

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It is a historical fiction novel about a mansion built on the high cliffs over looking the Pacific Ocean when California was first settled by Americans from the east coat.

The large Victorian mansion was built by a wealthy banker to fill with his finest art treasures from around the world. He came by ocean voyage from New York to California around Cape Horn.

The house has many stories connected to it. Some were started by the owner and his staff to keep the curious at bay. Others were the result of many strange happenings in the house over many years.

Those stories spread like a brush fire in California and beyond. Soon thousands of gold miners and green horns had heard about “The Eagle’s Nest” and were soon calling it “the house of doom.”

Read the first chapters of all my novels here on my site. Thanks and stay well, R.C. Hand.