March 29, 2012 – Happy Holi

Twenty years ago today we were in Nepal for a two week trek in the mountains. It was a life changing experience.

The country side is beautiful of course, with the towering mountains all around you and green, terraced fields out in the distance as far as one can see.

The city of Kathmandu makes Hong Kong look like a backwater, forgotten town. The scale is smaller of course, but the closeness of the traffic and the people crowded together everywhere is something else.

I highly recommend every one to go to Nepal before they have children. We are unaware apparently, of the talents, skills and intelligence they posses.

In my family as in Nepal, the children were put to work in the fields or the shops at an early age, like the farmers in America did with their children generations ago and still do.

One of the benefits of traveling is to see that we in the first world do not have all the answers. Other nations deal with many of the same problems we do in different ways and with different levels of success.

I hope one day to return to Kathmandu and to hear the sixties rock and roll music playing in my hotel and smell the incense burning near by. It will be a trip back into the past for me in more ways than one.

Go to my travel blog to read about this trip and many others. As always thanks and be well.

Look closely at these fellows faces and clothing. Everyone is throwing dry water color powder on each other and sometimes, balloons filled with water.