Monday Oct. 18, 2021 -Today is the five year anniversary of our adventure to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia

Pease come and take a look at the stories and photos of our trip to these three wonderful countries.

Laos is the least developed. But don’t let that stop you from going there. The hotels were great as were the people and the food.

We nearly cashed our chips in going up over a muddy mountain pass in our little tour bus. But other than that it was a great adventure.

There is plenty to see and learn about. Many beautiful and historic sites cover the landscapes. We learned some very interesting things there about the history of these nations, as well.

I planted rice and drove a water buffalo in the rice fields.

As always, it’s the unplanned and unexpected events that makes a trip more fun and interesting.

Come and take some time to read my short stories and to see my wife’s photos.