Oct. 12, 2021- Is there danger in the dark?

This is a true story, even if you don’t believe it.

I live in an area where the power goes out often. When the tide rises, the saltwater often causes damage to the underground electrical grid that I happen to be on.

The power went out as usual the other night at 12:02 am.

I was sleeping until the fan light and reverse bell came on in the dining room.

That light streamed into my room and woke me. I finally got up and turned the light off and went back to bed. My wife slept through all of this, of course. Things didn’t go that smoothly next door.

My neighbor has a room mate. He is a lazy fellow when it comes to house cleaning. He had purchased a self directed robot for cleaning the floors. When the power went out, the cleaning device was somehow activated and started cleaning the floors of the entire house.

Did I mention that my neighbor is a policeman? Oh, well, he is.

So he is sleeping or trying to sleep when he hears this repeated tapping sound out in the far darkness of his house. His knows his roommate is at work and he is home all alone, yet there is this noise in the house. He tries to turn on his night lite and it doesn’t work. “That is suspicious,” he thought.

His second thought was that perhaps someone had broken in. So, what did he do? He grabbed his gun and started clearing the house, one room at a time as he has been trained.

He walked down the hall in the dark in his shorts and cleared the kitchen and then the small bath. All was well there. Then he cleared his roommates room and dark closet and walked into the bathroom and slowly looked into the tub. It was clear so he slowly and quietly walked down to the door of their den.

He heard the noise in the den and was on alert again. He had no idea what the noise was. It could have been anything or any body.

He leaned in slowly against the door and it opened. He pushed it back and entered with his finger on the trigger of his gun and waited for his eyes to adjust to the dark as well as they could.

He heard a bump and turned quickly to his right and saw a shinning blue light move silently on the floor from left to right as it bumped into the wall again in a tight corner of a closet and then backed into a tennis shoe behind it. He watched the robot repeat the movement and repeat the process again. He had almost fired on the robot floor cleaner when he first saw it, but he waited to make sure of what it was.

When he discovered what it was he thought about tossing it in the garbage. But it wasn’t his property to get rid of. So he just left a note informing his roommate that the next time this happened he would have one dead robot on his hands.

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