October, 03-2021- Germany

Today is the eight anniversary of our trip to Germany and Berlin.

We arrived near the anniversary of the wall coming down on November 9th, 1989.

The city was all set to party. Bandstands were set up around the Brandenburg Gates and elsewhere.

We also did a river cruise down the Elbe River.

Sadly, travel is difficult now, at best. Come and have a look at my travels around the world here on my website until you can get out and see more of his wonderful world we live in, again.

Yes, there is poverty, chaos and disruptions all over the world. It had always been this way and always will be. If you wait for the perfect time to travel, you will never leave your living room.

This journey we are on is going to end one day, so enjoy it while you can. Don’t wait to travel until you are too old to enjoy it.

Go, get out of your comfort zone and see how other people live in different countries.

Golden Elise or Victory Column