March 1, 2022- The Ukraine

I do no talk politics here.

This is Cuba just a few years ago. Did you know that Cubans cannot eat Lobster? It isn’t even available to them in their nearly always empty stores. But the leaders have it as often as they desire. The system does not work and is a failure everywhere it has been tried.

We have traveled to many of the communist and former communist countries for our selves to see these paradises. They are a joke. As always they are a paradise for the leaders who have the best of everything while the population starves. There are few exceptions.

We can see now what happens when we a perceived weakness is apparent to those intent on evil.

The Russians and the Communists have no other desire than to run over the world with their tyranny and slavery as they are trying to do to Ukraine.

We only have to look back a few years to see what much of Europe looked like under the thumb of the Soviet Union. It was a disaster and will be again unless freedom loving people stand up to them and those like Russia and China.

You cannot appease evil for very long. These people always want more.