April 30, 2022 – The Chatsworth Hotel in Worthing.

The Chatsworth Hotel is a fine old hotel. That is where we stayed on this “secretive” adventure of ours. This isn’t the first time we have surprised this cousin of my wife. We came for her 50th wedding anniversary celebration many years ago, but that’s another story.

We arrived at the station after about an hour or so. It’s an easy downhill walk to the hotel from the station past a church and the usual shops and cafes.

There was a newly married couple getting into their Rolls Royce as we walked by the church. I wish them luck and a happy married life. I hope they will be as lucky as I have been in marriage and in life. Hard work did pay a large part in our luck as a married couple.

The hotel is a long and narrow brick building covered in climbing vines, on the street across for the stoney beach. I was told that it was a block of flats at one time and was converted into a hotel as an after thought years later. That may or may not be true.

The floors are undulating and sometimes it seems as if you are walking on a ship in a rough sea as the floor seems to twist and turn under your feet as you walk. But isn’t this what memories are made of? Being in different places and experiencing different and unusual things is part of the travel adventure. This is an old building with its quirks and special attributes. That isn’t a bad thing. Its just different and interesting.

There is a pier on at the shore with several buildings on it. The are of the French style with copper roofs. The pier has a glass or plastic divider running down the middle. I suppose it is a wind brake. Not a bad idea a far as I can tell. It can get cold and windy here this time of year.

The glass or plastic wall was covered in art work done by the local children as a project of some sort. There is an arcade and restaurant on the pier.

The beach is covered in small stones worn smooth from mellinia of wind and water. The tide goes out a great distance as the floor of the sea is very flat here.

There are hundreds of wind generators out on the horizon but you don’t even notice them at first glance. they seem to be standing guard over this town off in the distance.

Our room was on the second floor but you had to go to the third floor to get there. There are elevators if you need them. I know it sounds a little crazy at first, but it was fun. there are several small stairways to make the journey to your room more interesting.

Our room was on the front of the hotel with a large bay window over looking the sea. There was a couch in the half of the room closest to the ocean. That part of the room was up one step. The room was very large and bright. The furniture was a light wood color and charming in its simplicity and style.

The hotel bathroom was modern and ample. Bathrooms in England are usually small and functional for the most part. They are not often like ours where much money is spent on large rooms with many different fixtures, needed or not. That has been my experience, anyway. The ceilings are low and the tubs are usually up high off of the floor for easy access underneath. Tall people should be aware of the low ceilings.

The lobby is divided up into several rooms and well appointed with nice furniture and fine oil and water color paintings paintings of sailing ships and the seaside, as expected. I always love to look at the art wherever I travel to a different local.

The Staff was friendly and came quickly to our room when we thought we had a problem. We didn’t and the matter was resolved in a few moments.

The hotel is looking over a busy street, but that is to be expected in a town at the shore. It wasn’t a problem at night.

There was a park right next door. There were several tents and a band stand being set up for a celebration of some type for the weekend.

Great timing on our part.