April 30, 2022 – The Festival at Worthing and Amen Catering

In the morning after the birthday party we headed over to the festival to see what was happening.

I love a stiff virgin Pina Colada.

These two London gentlemen from Amen Catering travel around London and the local areas doing what must be done.

“Virgin” Pina Coladas are my favorite drink when traveling or cruising the world. It is a fresh, flavorful drink and its great for you. I often drive after drinking these, but keep that between us.

I don’t drink alcohol for many reasons. I just don’t find that any of them taste very good and I don’t like the feeling that many people crave from alcohol.

If you happen upon these fine fellows working at Amen Catering, buy as many drinks as possible from them and tel them that you heard about them from me, R.C. Hand.

The festival had many fine vendors and great music. There was a good crowd on hand as well.

We also purchased some Turkish Delight from a stand run by an Iranian crew.

That candy is one of my wife’s favorites and I like it also. It is a light candy with aromatics and a fine taste. We are planning a trip to Iran for next year. We hope to see that wonderful country and learn all about its history and people.

My wife and I have done our DNA and she has found out that she is from Iranian heritage.

I on the other hand am related to most of Europe’s Royal families. A lot of good that has done me over the years.