May 1, 2022 – The Birthday dinner!

We had a great birthday dinner at “Brio.”

Its the Italian restaurant just in front of our hotel. It is actually in the same building. We heard some of their customers the night before. They were having a grand time.

We were a party of fifteen.

The restaurant has a great fun ambience and an ocean view. It is a lively place. One other large group was there, eating and singing familiar rock and roll songs next to us. Our group joined in and the night was a great success. You can complain about the noise or add to it and have some fun. The choice is yours.

Everyone in our group had a chance to catch up with one another again at this meal.

We were the only people from outside of England at the party. But everyone there in the family had a chance to catch up on news of everyone else in the group.

The food and service were very good. Do stop by “Brio” when you get to Worthing.