May 2, 2022 – Lunch at The Fish Factory in Worthing.

We walked on the beach and “people watched” for a while.

We took some family photos and photos of the beautiful surroundings.

In a short time it was time for lunch.

We went to the Fish Factory and had a great meal. I had the Husk. It is a type of shark, I think. I am a fish guy. When I eat out, I usually have the fish.

I am an adventurous eater and fear little when it comes to food surprises and the unknown. It is one of my best qualities. I am an easy and cheap date or so my wife says.

I talked to our waitress who was from Albania. She was very sweet and interesting. We will get there eventually. It is always interesting to talk to those that have lived in “socialistic paradises” to see what it is really like. I will say little more about that, except that you have no idea about what its like if you haven’t lived it. Do you want a choice in products or wide availability of food and clothing? Good luck with that in most of these “paradises.” We want to see everything and learn as much as possible before the clock runs out.

We will be headed back to London in a few weeks for a wedding. That will be a great event for the family as we add another person to the group. Even though we live in the “States,” I do feel connected to this family of my wife so far away.

We come as often as possible to visit and they come to us as well when they have the chance. As we are all slowly getting older it is easier as more of us are reaching the golden years and retirement. Hopefully we will become even closer.

We have friends there that my wife has known since they were teen agers and now they are close to retirement age. Those friends are often called or titled, “Ray’s English cousins” since I have come into the family.