Aril 3, 2022 – Lunch at Johnny’s in Worthing

Our first lunch in Worthing was at Johnny’s.

I had the vegetarian burger with the large mushroom and a cheeses that I had never had before. The sandwich was great. I also had the fried cheese strips that looked like french fries.

I have started drinking ginger beer on this trip. It is just like ginger ale, but it seems a little stronger. I have had several brands so far and think the Australian is the best so far.

Johnny’s was where we met for the Surprise 90th birthday party. We were the last to enter after the family had already settled in for lunch.

The birthday girl just put her hands on her head and looked surprised. How could she imagine that we would be there. We had sent her a card and an email congratulating her on making it to ninety years of age.

Her son had been with us weeks before and we had told him nothing about our coming visit to London. It had all been arranged at that end by his sister. My wife went along with it and just had to keep me quiet and get us packed to go.

I do very little in preparation for our trips. My wife is a very good planner and strategist. She has the touch that make all things look easy.

We have a humming bird nest in the plant by our front door at the moment. We were gone for several days and the mother humming bird was happy to see us leave. We seem to interfere with her mothering duties.

She did pick the spot after all, and I have no guilt when she flies off as we leave the house. We have combined our trips to disturb her as little as possible. The crows have no idea that she is under cover in our entrance.

She never seems to get used to us. That is natures’s way, I suppose.