May 5, 2022 – The Train to High Wycomb and Carnaby Street.

Richard Tyler, a brick layer installed the bricks on Carnaby Street. The Street was named for Karnaby House which was near by. That was the first house on the street.

In the year 1665 that the Great Plague arrived.

Karnaby House was a “Pesthouse” where plague victims stayed. It was the first one in London. The area around Carnaby Street was also a place of mass burials of plague victims as well.

The Shakespearean Pub was built in 1735. It still is at Carnaby and Foubert’s Place.

John Stephen was the man who brought fashion to Carnaby Street in the 1960’s. His unending work brought notice to the street now famous for fashion and music.

His first shop was His Clothes and was the first Boutique on the street. That happened in 1958. Then came Mod Male and Male West One. Pop stars and actors all came to see what he had on offer in the shops. Today they still come.

John Stephen was known as “the king of Carnaby Street.”

A round, blue plaque can be seen at No. 1 Carnaby to honor his accomplishments and memory.

Look for these plaques all over London. They are placed on buildings of historical significance.

We arrived there just at the right time to eat. We decided on Pastarma Mama. It hadn’t opened yet so there were many tables to choose from.

They are on Ganton St. near the corner of Carnaby. The staff was very friendly and the food was great.

I am growing a strong liking for Ginger Beer and have tasted several brands on this trip.

R.C. Hand standing on Carnaby Street where fashion was on show in the late sixties.

They offer free water which here also is a nice change.

I drink lots of water and wonder why we don’t get water brought to us a habit, but this a different land and I am not familiar with all their habits and why they have developed the way they have.

If you like pickles, this is the place for you. Theirs are both sweet and taste like kosher pickles at the same time. I have never been exposed to that before and find them very good.

I had the half Pastrami Salmon Sandwich with fries. I have recently lost some weight and am on my best behavior when it comes to eating. It was a long hard battle and I will not slide back to my old habits.

I want to be the best seventy year old possible.

The place filled up quickly as we sat eating and looked forward to the rest of the day.

When we left Mama Pastrama, we took the short walk to the nearby underground station and then caught the train to High Wycomb and a family visit.

When you come to London, don’t miss this Mama Pastrama.