Thursday 5, 2022 – Going out to Marlow

We went out to Marlow this afternoon to visit family again. This is what we came for and we have no regrets seeing everyone. That is the point of our visit.

Marlow is a town of old and new businesses and dwellings. It is recorded as Merlow in the Domesday Book.

Marlow was important due to its location on the Thames River where the road from Reading to High Wycomb crossed it. There was a market there as far back as 1227.

There has been a bridge there since the reign of Edward lll. The bridge in use today was built in 1835 from a design by William Tierney. The bridge is identical to the Sze’chenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest.

Marlow Place was designed by Thomas Archer in the English Baroque style. It was built for George ll in 1721. George ll reigned from 1727 until 1760. There are boating facilities and regatta that bring visitors to Marow.

Izaak Walton lived for a time in Marlow. He was born in Stafford but moved to London as a teenager. He wrote The Complete Angler along with a smaller portion written by Charles Cotton. It was published in 1653. The book is seen as a reaction to the turbulent times of the English Civil War.

We still have time most days to wander in London and see many interesting things.

We walked along the Thames and saw the beautiful homes sitting in the green countryside. There are small hills here with large homes perched up on their sides. Some are ver old and others, new.

We also saw the lock that the small boast must pass through to continue on their way on the river. There is a small building standing all by itself where the lock operator waits for the next boat to come through.

We walked along the river and saw several horses with their colts and mares with fat bellies still holding unborn babies.

The Royal Oak was built around 1510. It probably was a brew house even back to 1102. It was called The Church House Inn back when it was owned by the church.

We went to the Royal Oak for lunch. It is dog friendly and the food was great. The portions are large and the long menu has anything one might want. If you are in the area at luch time you won’t be disapointed if you choose The Royal Oak.

The Thames passing through Marlow
Standing over the Thames with the chain bridge in the background