June -11-2022 The walk along The Thames.

We walked up one side of the river from Trafalgar Square to the tower of London.

Do you about the Battle of Trafalgar?

For the first time ever, I am having trouble with my feet on a trip. I made the mistake of taking “newish” shoes to walk in on this journey. I have blisters on both baby toes and one heel. Ouch. A lesson learned.

We walked past the recreation of the globe theater and the Golden Hind. Do you know what the “Golden Hind” is and where the name came from?

We went onto the Mayflower Pub, first known as “The Spread Eagle.”

It is called the “Mayflower Pub” due to the fact that the mayflower was anchored there before leaving for America.

We always stay at “The Strand Palace Hotel” when in London.

It is near Trafalgar Square on the Strand and the “Tube station” at Embankment and Covent Gardens.

The oldest Restaurant in London is just near Covent Gardens.

Do you know why its Called “Covent Gardens and what as there in the distant past?

Answers and photos will be up after my tennis is over at noon today.

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