June 6, 2022 – Arrival in London

We arrived safe and sound in London today. We were earlier arriving than usual. We took the train from Heathrow, as always, and to the station at Covent Garden. The walk to our hotel is short one from there.

We got settled quickly and took a long walk along the Thames.

We crossed over the bridge and headed up river toward Tower Bridge.

We walked slowly past the old historic warehouses that have been converted into office space and expensive apartments.

There are still some decorations up from the Jubilee Celebration.

We arrived at Tower Bridge and saw a small hint of what we will see when we come back in a few days to tour the Super Bloom. The moat is filled with millions of wild flowers. It would have made being imprisoned there, almost bearable. The real show is hidden behind the moat’s walls. We saw just a hint as we walked by.

There are now plastic dinning domes along the river. What a great idea. It’s a beautiful place to eat along the river but it can be cool and breezy as the sun sets.

We passed through several tunnels along the way under the bridges and saw the ancient tile murals and historic relics that remain.

We passed the recreation of The Globe Theater and the ancient stairs that went up to the original London Bridge.

The London sky is blue with the white fluffy clouds that are so beautiful. The light her is as good as it gets. Why the great masters traveled to Italy and France to paint is a mystery to me when I see this sky and the light above and around me.

We had walked five miles by the time we arrived back at the hotel.

We freshened up and went out again to meet friends for dinner.

We sat at Covent Gardens with two long time friends and had drinks before going off to have an Indian dinner just outside of the Gardens. The food was great as was the company and ambience.

The Super Bloom