June 14, 2022 – The War Room

We went to the War Room today. It is located just at the end of St. James park past the parade grounds.

We booked our tickets on line.

They offer headphones to listen to the narration as you tour the building underground.

You can do this at your own pace, so don’t rush. The items are numbered and it is easy to follow along the route or make your own. There is plenty of information at each stop along the way.

It covers much of Winston Churchill’s life and the world wars. He was also in The Boar War and became a hero in that theater as well.

There are all types of articles that had once belonged to him here in this underground shelter where he ran the war from.

His family history is very long and interesting. Remember, his mother was an American from The Astor family.

There is much more in this exhibit than I ever expected.

He was respected and reviled by many for changing parties and for other reasons as well.

He was a complicated man who hated loud noises and could be short and cruel to his underlings. We have all been guilty of that at one time, I’m sure.

He received little love from his parents and was sent off to school like many in his social class.

What love he did receive came from his nanny who was also his confidant.

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was a complicated man.

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was an accomplished brick mason and built many of the walls around his mansion. He had asked to become a member of their union or guild at one time. He was refused.

He suffered political and financial losses at times but recovered with the help of his friends and hard work. He supported himself with is writings.

He was a very gifted oil painter as well.

He holds the world record for the most words written by anyone. He also won the Nobel Prize in 1953 for literature.

He was perhaps the most historic figure of his time.