July 20, 2022 – “Sunrise, Sunset”

My book of nine short stories titled “Sunrise, Sunset” is available on Amazon now. I have another book of short stories coming soon.

Come to R.C. Hand on Facebook to see my many interviews about my life and stories that it helped to create.

I am now on Instagram at r.c. hand where you can come and see some of my fun storytelling videos.

I won The Long Beach Searches for The Greatest Storyteller event for March, 2022 at Malainey’s Grill with the Halloween story. The finals will be early next year.

I’m sure you will find these stories fun, interesting and intriguing.

Many of my novels are on Amazon and in The Kindle Lending Library. Come to read the first chapter of each novel here at my website.

My book of nine short stories called “Sunrise, Sunset” is in production now to go on Audible. I’ll keep you informed on that exciting event.