Sept. 12, 2022 – Spain and Portugal- Leon

We all went out to dinner tonight at a fine restaurant.

The route from our hotel to the ancient restaurant was down a few wide and then narrower cobblestone paths on to our destination. The sky was a narrow slice above us filled with bright points of starlight as we passed through the narrow walkways.

We then came upon a square and walked past a church designed by Gaudi and saw his bronze likeness seated on a bench in front of it frozen in a pose of him, forever sketching.

We walked to the left down another path and soon found our destination.

The narrow building was probably over three hundred years old. We climbed the stairs and found our seats under the rough timber ceiling and waited for what was to come.

We had thin sliced beef, ham, vegetables, mushrooms and wonderful bread as always. If you love to make or eat bread, then this is the vacation for you.

We had Neopolitan ice cream and panna cotta or “cooked cream” for dessert.

We will tour the cathedral tomorrow. It is very old, of course and filled with gold covered wood carvings and great art, no doubt.

We are staying in The Occidental Alfonso V Leon overlooking the fountain in the center of the meeting point of several roads below us.

We got a little lost walking home to the hotel tonight but a nice couple helped us get our bearings and we eventually made it back to our room. Speaking the local language here is very helpful. I listen closely and can understand most of what is being said around me.

We walked on the top of the old wall around the city today. We could see down into the old city on one side and the newer city on the other side of the wall.

We could see down into the old buildings, many with holes in the roofs and in need of repair. Many buildings are being repaired, but more buildings still stand with all of their decay unattended to and need in refurbishment.

Many buildings are being bought by foreign investors at the moment.

Sadly, there is no English television in this hotel for some reason but we will make it through the next few days here. Having English language television would have made our stay here perfect.

We are wondering about the weather heading our way at the moment.