Sept. 8, 2022 – Bilbao, Spain

Today we took the city tour of Bilbao on a double decker bus. You can pick it up right in front of the Opera House.

Most of our group did the Guggenheim Museum today. We did it on our own yesterday.

Our group took a walking tour with a local guide in the afternoon.

Bilbao is a university town. The architecture is both modern and ancient. The weather has been perfect with clear blue skies and a perfect temperature with a slight breeze. This is our favorite Spanish city so far.

Everywhere you look, Bilbao is surrounded by lush green hills.

We had our lunch today on our own after touring the local covered market on the edge of the river. We had the little snacks common here just outside of the market. There are restaurants everywhere.

We went out to dinner in the evening for a nice meal. It was green salad with tuna on top and cod fish in red sauce. It was ample and tasty. My wife doesn’t eat fish or pork. That can be difficult when traveling here in this part of Spain, so be aware of that, especially if you are on a tour.

You may need to make arrangements for food substitutes. We had a fruit tart for desert. The Spanish do know how to eat and enjoy themselves.

The restaurant had several different rooms for dinning. Ours was tiled half way up the walls and painted ochre. It was in the old city down another narrow and wonderful lane. This is Bilbao. Hand painted and fired ceramic tile is everywhere in the city and the country. The tile is usually blue as in the Delf tiles.

We had a fine night of conversation with our new friends and a fine meal. What could be better than that?

The people of this town seem unhurried and pleasant.

Today the Queen of England died. Long live the king.

The Spider outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa, Spain.