Maui – May 11, 2023 – Black Rock

We drove out to Black Rock at the Sheraton today for a little snorkeling.

The water was a little murky but at least it was sheltered and calm. Surprisingly, it wasn’t very warm when first entering the water.

There were several people jumping off of the rocks above us. We had to be careful to keep out of their “drop zone” so they wouldn’t land on us.

We swam out to the end of the point but thought better of going out any farther. The current seemed too strong for us, “light weights.”

We saw several fish and interesting rock formations.

We drove back to our time share and spent the rest of the day at the pool.

We had dinner in Lahaina at a nice burger place. The food and service was good.

Over the years I have found that attitude is everything.

If you are kind to others, others will generally be kind to you.

Life is difficult and people aren’t always on board with that philosophy, but I find its a good place to start a relationship.

Look out for the rocks!