Maui – May 9, 2023

We stayed at the resort all day today.

We read and soaked up the rays. The weather was perfect as it is everyday. The trade winds refresh my soul. The small waves broke quietly on the shore just a few feet behind us.

This is not a great surfing spot at the moment. The waves might be better at another time, but the water is shallow and the bottom is rocky and perhaps a little dangerous for bodysurfers as well.

It doesn’t look like the best place to race through the water while bodysurfing or just surfing with a giant wave behind you.

I talked to more strangers around me today and to some of the staff again. One fellow restores Karmann Ghias and he showed me some photos of his cars. They looked very nice.

I always like to talk with the working staff where I travel. You can learn a lot from them about where you are staying and more.

We rode the water slide some more today and had some great fun amongst the children. We had lunch and dinner here today.

Dinner was free with the coupons for listening to the “Time Share Story,” so we left a great tip.

We are watching Jeopardy here every night. It is my favorite show on television.