Maui – May 8, 2023

We drove out to Paia today to do a little window shopping. We saw many fine works of art in the shops.

We actually purchased a Hawaiian made ukulele for our grand daughter. It is beautiful and hand made in the islands. You can buy one made in China for less, but why not support the fine craftsmen and women in our own country when you can.

We had lunch at the Fish Market and then shaved ice at Ululani’s Hawaiian Shaved Ice. It was great. The ice is so finely shaved that it’s like cream. I picked vanilla with condensed milk.

As usual, the weather was perfect.

We had a walk around the old town and then headed back to our home base at the Marriott.

The drive back was beautiful as always with the lush green hills to our right and the sea to our left. You can see the white cps off in the distance where the wind is blowing faster out over the sea.

The speed limits are from a different generation and time. This is a small island and the pace of life is different. Enjoy that while you can. Isn’t that why we come here after all?

We had a fine dinner at Leilani’s on the beach. Our waiter was Brandon. He was fun to play with, did a great job and had an interesting back story.

Remember, these islands were visited by sailors from many lands and the the results of their visits are all around us.

Maui is a small place but a melting pot, just like the mainland.