Maui -May 6, 2023

We went south to the lava fields on the other side of Ki Hai today.

The drive through several small towns was pleasant and very scenic. Eventually the road narrows and is just on lane so one must be careful.

We could see a small volcano off to our left pocking out of the side of the large green mountains under the shadow of clouds where the lava had spewed out many years ago.

The breeze blew softly as we drove along the ocean shore on our right. Small waves crashed on the sandy shore.

The lave looks just like red mud that has been plowed by a farmer. It runs in rows and is turned over like so many waves mad of Hawaiian dirt.

We parked in a dirt lot and could see a rancher teaching someone to rope calves with a set of horns on a wagon of some sort pulled by a golf cart.

We took the walk down to the starting point on the narrow path. There were butterflies, yellow and white flowers and trees off to the right. The beautiful ocean with its white caps off shore was to our right and out in front of us. Molokini sat out in the sea on the horizon, near by.

We passed by many mansions sitting behind tall locked gates with beautiful views on the way here. I don’t envy these people, they have been successful in their lives and are living their dream. Hard work, luck and determination is usually involved in success no matter what other might tell you.

We had a fine lunch at Cafe O’Lei in the town of Ki Hai. The service was great as was the food. It’s upstairs, by the way.

There is a bakery next door in the near by shopping center where they have great cinnamon rolls. You can find it by spotting their van out by the road through the window of the restaurant. The rolls are great.

We are lucky t be busy at this difficult time in our lives and that does help. The nights are hard as we lie in bed and think about what has happened.

This trip was planned long ago, but thank goodness we have some diversions to keep us from constant sadness at the loss of our son.