Maui – May 5, 2023

We drove out to snorkel at Kapalua today.

Get there early if you want to swim there as there is little parking available. You can park at the golf course across the street but don’t forget to pay at the office.

The beach is a small and beautifully protected one with a steep slope down to the water.

There are many rocks clustered together near the shore where you can see many fish if you don’t want to go out too far.

There were two large turtles eating peacefully there while we watched. We didn’t bother them or get too close so they ignored us for the most part.

The guys in the rental shop were very polite and helpful. I always find that you get back the same energy that you put out there. Just a thought.

There’s no need to bring any gear with you if you don’t want to. You can rent anything you might need there.

We had a late breakfast at “The Gazebo.” It has great food, a few surprises and a great view. Come earlier for a short time in line. The waitresses are very busy but do a great job with a smile.

The weather has been wonderful.

We did have a light drizzle, but umbrellas are there on a table for the taking. That drizzle was followed by a great rainbow out over the ocean. It was a beautiful site to see as we waited in line and I chatted with a few strangers.

We had a fine dinner at Cheese Burgers in Paradise in Lahaina to finish off the day.