June 7, 2023 – Telling another true story on Monday night.

I told another true story at The Long Beach Searches for The Greatest Storyteller event on Monday night.

As usual, my stories are either funny or horrific. You can see the video on my Instagram at R.C. Hand.

I was first up for some reason and it went well. I had written the story out in great detail. But as usual, I left a few details out in the live version. Some times less is better.

At least I didn’t have to wait around for a long time and get nervous.

I have a few thousand stories to tell from my interesting childhood. I didn’t win this time but that’s fine.

Several of my neighbors and friends came to watch and some of us made some new friends while hearing some interesting true tales.

Paul Williams was there as usual and told a few of his stories as well. He is a very talented and funny fellow and is still writing music. He is the president of ASCAP.

If you are in Southern Ca. you should come to the website of Mariana Williams, author and make plans to come and join in the fun next time.

If you offer to tell a story, you get in for free. Dinner and drinks are available at Malainey’s Grill in Long Beach at 168 N. Marina.

The next event is in July.