Aug.29, 2023 – London bound

We are off to London this afternoon, again. Hopefully the recent issues with the English Aviation System will have been solved.

We have been invited to a wedding of one of my wife’s young cousins. It will be a wonderful chance to see family and old friends once more.

We will be staying at The Strand Palace Hotel, as usual. It is near the river Thames, tube stations and historic Covent Gardens. Remember My Fair Lady and the flower girl?

I feel at home in London and near the Thames. My family came from Devonshire a few generations ago. Do our genetics have memories? Perhaps. In any case this is one of the cities I love to come and visit.

I have a background in architecture and building so this city so full of historic, beautiful and interesting buildings is one of my favorites cities in the world.

My first two novels are about England and this great city but in the distant past. The third novel is now forming in my mind and I have a few ideas. The main plot is about some misdeeds in the palace and court during the reign of George lll.

If you have read “The Adventures of the Smith Family” and “Sailing Away” you will have a good idea of where I’m headed. The Ever Ready has just dropped anchor back in London and the doctor has been spirited away.

Why are the palace guards looking for him on all of the ships returning to England after his long voyage with Sam on India’s ship? If you read the novels, you will know the answer. The third book will be full of English history and a tale of my own creation mixed in, as usual.

I don’t know what is about living near a river or the sea. Perhaps my family genes have placed me near water. I live on the edge of a small craft harbor and find it relaxing and ever changing as the boaats come and go. The seasons bring different birds and the sky is always changing.

If you have read many of the stories here about me you will remember that I am related to both the English Royal Family and the other royal families of Europe due to intermarrying. I am also related to Miles Standish and others on the Mayflower. So I come from the families of both the oppressors and the oppressed.

As we are older and more affluent, we fly in the better seats now. It is more comfortable and makes for a pleasant journey. If not now, when? We are in the autumn of our lives and have the resources after many years of hard work and planning.

If you have a life plan, work it. If it goes off course fix it and work it some more. If you don’t have a plan, create one. A journey requires both a destination and a map or plan to arrive there. You are doomed to failure if you don’t have both.

“Mrs. Vee” is now a novel and will be up on Amazon soon. The short story is still there. “The House on the Cliff” is finished and will be up on Amazon soon. it is a fun story of a mansion filled with great art. All my novels are on Amazon and in The Kindle Lending Library. The first chapters are here for you to read and enjoy.

I thank all of you for coming to this site and hope you find it interesting.

Remember that my on stage storytelling videos are on Facebook and Instagram at R.C. Hand. I will try to put up some videos of this trip when I return in about a week.

As usual I will keep a diary of my adventures and put them up here if anything interesting catches my eye.

I do hope to meet with Nick Ronald of Secret Influence TV from London if time permits. His website is interesting and informative. I have been on his show about writing and authors twice now.