Sept. 5, 2023 – Going out to Marlow Bottom

We took the tube to Marylebone station. We then left by train to High Wycombe. It is northwest of London in the rolling countryside. The station is close to Marlow bottom. The trip is 23 minutes long and costs 13.60 pounds.

The construction of the underground began in 1860. “Navies” were the men for the job. They were the men who had worked on the canal system in England. Their pay was higher than others as the job was very dangerous. These men worked hard and played harder. The locals complained about the men’s behavior to no avail.

They used the system of “cut and cover.” The trench was dug under a road,. Track would be laid and then the trenches would be shored up with brick. The trenches would be be roofed over and then the road would be rebuilt over the tunnel.

Five accidents have causing death have occurred since the opening many years ago.

Much of the land here is protected farmland. Having said that, there is a tremendous housing shortage and that drives rents and prices for housing very high. As with anything, low supply and necessity makes for high prices.

It is 30.7 miles to High Wycombe by car from central London. Early in the morning the journey by train takes 45 minutes.

High Wycombe was the center of turned furniture many years ago. The men who turned the wood into parts for furniture were called “Bodgers.” They traveled the countryside and set up lathes to turn the legs and arms for tables and chairs from trees cut down near by.

Hughenden Manor is the former residence of Benjamin Disreli, the 19th century Prime Minister of England.

West Wycombe Park is a stately house near town.

We were picked up by a cousin of course and taken back to his home. We visited for a while in the beautiful rear garden. Eventually we drove out through the country on the most winding roads imaginable and ended up in Hurly.

It is an ancient Danish village from around 800 sitting on the Thames. The Central Canal runs parallel to the river here.

There are very old homes standing near the river with pleasure boats sitting at anchor waiting to take someone somewhere.

The area is covered in trees unless the land has been turned to farming or home sites.

The Hurley Priory or small monastery was founded on the banks of the Thames in 1086 by Geoffrey Mandeville. It was a cell of Westminster Abbey.

There are many large, beautiful old mansions out here worth walking by. The trail goes right past the houses. People still live in them so please don’t disturb them.

There are hand operated locks on the river as well. It is interesting to see them operate. A nice walk runs along the river and you can walk it for miles if you wish.

As I mentioned last year, the author, Izaak Walton who wrote “The complete Angler” in 1653 lived near here. That book is one of the most reprinted books in English literature. Who knew?

The Thames Valley and Marlow is rich in History.

There were Neolithic, Bronze Age and and Iron Age settlements here. The remains of Roman Villas have been found in Hambleden.

There are Iron Age forts at Danesfield and Medmenham, Mill End and Hurly.

We are on the tube at the moment heading back to London. It is 10:46 pm. We had a fine dinner at a beautiful new restaurant on the river. It has a fine menu and great food.

If I can give you on piece of information about traveling in England, it is to always stay near a train or underground station and use them. Pick your hotel by the location of the stations.

We leave tomorrow for home.

We were glad to make the wedding and to have a chance to visit with friends and relatives. One never knows when our loved ones will depart from this earth. Some are getting up in years and no one can see the future, thank goodness. We still have more cousins nearing a marriageable age, so we will certainly be back.

As we tell our English relatives, “Don’t invite us unless you really want us to turn up.”

We are dealing with the the loss of our 43 year old son and only child, Ryan, as best we can.

Life will go on but it will never be the same or as rich as he helped make it.

Sadly we all have to deal with these issues, but it should not be in this order. The children should never leave before the parents, but sadly, bad things do happen in this life.

I will be adding more photos and details over the next week or so about my adventure so do come back for more interesting items and info.