Sept.4, 2023 – Going to Bushy

We took the tube from near our hotel to Charing Cross underground station to catch the fast train at Huston Station. Then we took the train from the station to Bushey. “Warning” there is no restroom facilities at the station.

You may walk to a local shop for tea and a scone and ask to use the facilities.

Bushey is 28 miles from central London by tube and train. The journey usually takes 33 minutes by tube and train. It is 17 miles or 25 minutes by car.

There are 11 lines in the underground and 402 km serving 272 stations.

Bushey is located in the Hertsmere borough of Hertfordshire. The town also had many film companies operating in the area.

George Michaels went to school as youngster in Bushey at Bushey Meads School. He was born in Finchley.

Bushy is the location of the second largest Royal Park. The Royal Parks are nine tracts of land that once belonged to the King or Queen and are now managed by the government. Richmond Park is the largest Royal Park in England. It consists of 2500 acres and 650 free roaming deer.

The station at Charing Cross is only 18 feet, nine inches below ground level. The tunnel at Hampstead Station on the Northern Line is 58.5 meters under ground.

We took the underground in Pyongyang when we were in North Korea. It is 110 meters under ground and is designed as a bomb shelter. It is only 14 miles long and has 2 lines. it has 16 stations. They are all in west Pyongyang.

I was down there when the lights went out for a short time. It was very dark, to say the least.

Charing (Riverbend) is at a bend in the river. It is where six routes meet.

It is called Charring Cross due to twelve tall and highly decorated crosses which were erected in the memory of King Edward l wife, Eleanor of Castile. She died in the East Midlands in 1290 on a Royal Progress.

The original cross was south of Trafalgar Square where the statue of King Charles l now stands.

A Royal Progress was the way the Tudor monarchs consolidated their rule throughout England. The monarch and his or her royal retinue would visit ceremonial locations on their journey.

The crosses were put up between 1291 and 1295 in a line down through the east of England in memory of the Queen. The couple were together for 36 years and she often traveled with him.

The crosses marked the locations of where her body spent the night on the way to Westminster Abbey.

The best preserved cross is in Geddington, Northamptonshire. It is the only triangular cross.

Going to see more cousins of course.

It’s a short walk from The Strand Palace to three different stations.