Oct.31, 2023 – I’M BACK. Our trip to Jordan and Egypt is now a thing of the past.

We had a great time and met some wonderful people. We traveled far and wide in search of knowledge. Knowledge is power.

We saw some very historic sights and saw things that make one wonder. “How did they do that?”

The food and hotels were better than we could have imagined. We traveled with O.A.T. and since we have done so many times, the hotel rooms just get better and better.

Our guide Ahmed and group were great. Egypt needs our support more than ever now. the economy is suffering and tourism has just come back and now the troubles are back with us again.

We felt safe in Jordan but perhaps left at just the right moment. We never saw any problems in Egypt. If you have wanted to go to Egypt, please go.

Obviously, one should check with the U.S. Government travel advisories before going anywhere. Much of the Egyptian economy is based on tourism.

My daily diary of short bits about our trip and photos from everyday are now on Facebook and Instagram at R.C. Hand.

My interview with the folks at the hadtobethere podcast on Amazon is now on my Facebook page at R.C. Hand as well. It is a light hearted discussion about some interesting and fun travel experiences of mine over the years.

I will start putting up more in depth information about our trip as soon as I get my body clock back to normal.

I will be doing another podcast interview on the third. But more about that after it’s done.

I hope you have a fun Halloween.

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Hey, my baby needs a new pair of shoes.

These are the ancient Roman ruins at Jerash City. They are considered to one of the best in the world. There is a new city built over the old one and some decisions need to be made. the city is slowly buying homes so that they canbe knocked down and more digging can begin.