Oct.20, 2023 – Valley of The Kings

We sailed across the Nile today to the Valley of the Kings.

The river was wide and calm. It is a deep green color as we glide across it.

No commercial shipping or fishing vessels are to be seen here.

We then boarded a bus for the ride to The Valley of the Kings.

We saw King Tut still lying in his small tomb. Actually it isn’t even his tomb. He didn’t have one.

We went down to see Ramsey the 9th as well. It is under a mountain shaped like a pyramid. Then we walked down into another, and another. Beautiful paintings and storytelling, no doubt.

There isn’t a shrub to seen in this desert.

We went to the Temple of Hepsepsut, the first female monarch who wore a fake beard to look like the the former male pharohs.

tomorrow we start a five day cruise on the Nile in a boat for just our very small group.