Oct.21, 2023 – Leaving Luxor

We left Luxor today at a civilized time of ten.

We went to see the Esna Temple, an important stop on the camel caravan route.

It is 49 feet below the level of the new town. So we have climbed down a flight of stairs and are in a large pit looking at the ruins. The city is above us and busy with its morning business.

Sump pumps run to keep the water from creeping up into the ruins from below. The painting on the building inside is well preserved.

Most of the site is still buried well below the city above and undisturbed.

The original temple where we are now standing is at the same level as the river Nile. It was buried over several thousand years by mud and sand layers and the new town built over it. It is all very well preserved due to this.

The walls are covered in hieroglyphics. We had a wonderful time looking over the beautiful walls and ceilings.

We left the site and drove a short distance to board our small ship for a five day cruise up the Nile. The ship holds twenty and we are a group of twelve.

We are being slowly towed by a tug boat so the ride is smooth and quiet. The ship is a sail boat with a sail at the bow and the stern.

We only travel during the day and stop at night to visit small farms or villages and to meet the locals.

We have all become friends in our small group now.

O.A.T. keeps the groups small and this adds to the value and comfort of their trips.

We have a room at the end of the hallway on board. It is quite large with a private veranda that is as wide as the ship. Unexpected and very nice.

As you travel more with O.A.T. the hotel rooms get much better.