Oct.27, 2023 – Leaving Abu Simbel

We are retracing our route back from Lake Nasser to Aswan.

Our stay here included a lecture on the Nubian people and their history by a man will respected for his knowledge on the subject.

The four hour trip seems shorter this time having done it just the day before.

We stopped at the same rest stop but its character is much different now. The music is gone and the atmosphere was completely different. Even the facilities seemed less desirable than before.

I guess thats what coming back from civilization can do. It changes one’s perspective.

The two lane highway is fine and new lanes are being added to double its size. Large trucks and equipment are busy turning part of the desert into a long flat place to add more lanes. We arrived with no difficulties.

The town is built on large boulders of all shapes and sizes. The buildings are up to ten stories and made of brick. It is a very busy town with construction going on all over.

We are now in The Old Cataract Hotel on the Nile. We can see the Nubian settlement over on the other side of the river. This hotel is very old, being built around 1900 and very stylish. The rich and famous come here to stay while on vacation. We are very fortunate to be stying here.

The grounds are spacious and lovely. There are two pools down by the river and the old hotel is standing just up the hill a hundred yards away. We will take the tour of the hotel tomorrow. Winston Churchill and Agatha Christi stayed here as well. I don’t think they were together, just saying.

We are in the new part of the hotel and on the third floor. The rooms are large and modern with wonderful views of the Nile and the hills out in the distance.

the rooms on this trip with O.A.T. have been amazing.

We have a late start tomorrow which is always nice when traveling.

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