Sat. Oct. 28,2023 – The Temple of Philae

We went to the Temple of Philae today by boat. It can be seen from our hotel.

It had set on an Island for centuries but had to be taken apart and moved to another island on higher ground due to the creation of Lake Nasser.

It is the site of the last hieroglyphics ever written. Those few bits are carved less deep and with little enthusiasm or artful talent.

The Catholics took over these sites and turned many of them into churches. The Coptic language was then being used. The art from the distant past that was visible was damaged with chisels and hammers. Thankfully the art below ground level was saved as it was unseen.

We had our final dinner together on the grounds of the hotel. The wind was picking up as we ate. We finished just as a dust storm came our way.

This trip has been one for the memory book or this blog of mine.

My brain is now filled with fond memories of our sight seeing, our new friends and group leader, and the many warm and gracious people we have met along the way. Our leader was great at his job and took very good care of all of us.

If there were any issues they were taken care of quickly and without notice from us. We highly recommend Ahmed, our tour leader and guide and new friend in Egypt.

I wonder what the future now holds for Jordan and Egypt.