Sunday, Oct.29, 2023 -Back in Cairo

We have arrived back in Cairo and our fine Marriott Hotel on the island in the middle of the Nile.

The traffic, as usual, was thick and interesting with people walking by sweeping among the cars and motor cycles passing and darting through the slower moving cars and trucks.

We had left a few items we had purchased on our trip here at our hotel for save keeping. They are fine and we have picked them back up. Much easier than carrying them with us all over the place.

We are now visiting two mosques today. Interestingly, Al Rifai Mosque is where the Shaw of Iran was laid to rest. This Mosque was built for the Royal family of Mohamed Aly of Egypt. The daughter of The Shaw of Iran was there at his burial site as we came by. Apparently it was the anniversary of his birth or death.

The flight from Aswan was fine. That’s just the way I like them. No bumps or surprises. Thank you very much.

We will have dinner on the vast grounds and say our final good-byes to our fellow travelers.

We have had a wonderful trip due to our great O.A.T. Guide and his crew of many helpers along the way, including the guards that raveled with us. Thanks to all of them.

Times are interesting here at the moment but we always felt safe. Do come to Jordan and Egypt if you have the chance. You will learn so much and meet many wonderful people.

My photos and much more information will be added here over the next few weeks.

Thanks for coming along on my adventures.